The DBQ Process

There are The DBQ Process steps to Primary Document success.  Just remember to...

 The DBQ Process



The DBQ Process is for SCAN

- look over the document and pick out words that are unfamiliar to you.

The DBQ ProcessThe DBQ Process  is for LOOK UP

-unfamiliar words. This will help you interpret the document.


The DBQ Process is for RE-READ

-make sure you understand everything in the document

The DBQ Processis for PARAPHRASE

- After you have re-read the document, paraphrase, or put the document into your own words. You may write down interpretations as you read the document.

Continue this process until you are ready to begin answering the scaffolding questions. You will find that the more through you are with your initial analysis of the documents, the easier the scaffolding questions will be for you.


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