Building a Reflective Portfolio






Your portfolio will be broken down into 5 chapters:

  1. My Proudest Moments

    More than just your highest score! Did you overcome a fear (like speaking in front of the class)? Did you learn a new technology and create something wonderful? Did you make a plan, follow it, and succeed?

  2. My Biggest Heartbreaks

    More than just your lowest score! Did you make a plan and not follow it? Did you do something foolish, like plagiarize? Are you a chronic homework blower-offer?

  3. Improvements

    Areas that need improvement
    Proof that you’ve made improvement

  4. I never knew…

    Did you find out something about history that you never knew? Did you find out something about a classmate, your teachers, or yourself that you never knew? How does the new information impact you?

  5. Connections to My World

    History lives! The same issues come up over and over again in American history. How are these issues still present in our lives right here and now? How do they impact you as an individual?  OR   How has the history we study touched your (or your family’s) life?



Contents of the Portfolio

By the end of the year, your Portfolio will include at least 5 pieces of work in each Chapter. That’s a total of 25 pieces of work, math fans.

Your Portfolio will contain examples of both formats of reflection:




Consider these as resources for your reflections


Work and skills



  • On time
  • Effective note-taking
  • Reflects understanding & effort
  • Makes up missed work responsibly
  • Keeps up with assigned current events
  • Effective long-range planning

Tests, Projects & Papers

  • Effective method for studying
  • Reviews with teacher as needed
  • Takes advantage of rewrites and retakes

Class Participation

  • Arrives on time and prepared
  • Personal initiative: utilizes website, sticker charts, etc. to monitor progress
  • Adds to class discussion
  • Does not distract teacher & other students
  • Effectively works independently
  • Effectively works in groups
Aztec, Inca & Maya

Native North Americans

The Explorers

Early Colonization

The 13 Colonies

The American Revolution

The Constitution

The Early Republic

Westward Expansion

The Age of Reform



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