The Journey of
Lewis & Clark

For this journey, we will be using a project set up by the National Geographic Society.

At each stop of the journey, you will find the following resources:

A summary of events

A map of Lewis & Clark's route

A "Did You Know" icon with interesting information relating to the event

A "Journal" icon, which gives primary source information relating to the event

All the information you'll need to answer the questions below is in these resources.  You won't need to do any outside research.

The Journey of
Lewis & Clark

In your Lewis & Clark pairs, answer the questions below in complete sentences.   Cut-and- paste the questions into a word document.  Answers should be in your own words, unless quotes are called for.

Click here if you want to see the entire map of their journey.

Stop Questions
1mapbot.gif 1. From what state did the journey begin?

2.  What was Clark's attitude about the journey?

3.  Was it better to bring food or paper along on the journey?  Why?

2maptop.gif 1.  Through what states have they journeyed?

2.  How long has the journey lasted so far?

3.  How did the expedition "buy good will" from the natives along the way?

4.  How does Black Buffalo save the day?

3maptop.gif 1.  In what state did Lewis and Clark meet the Mandan Indians?

2.  Of what tribe was Sacagawea?  How did she come to live with the Mandan?

3.  What was the name of Sacagawea's baby?  When was he born?  What was used to help "hasten the birth"?

4.  What buffalo hunting technique did the Plains Indians use?

4maptop.gif 1.  In which state does the expeditition encounter the fork in the Missouri River?

2.  Which way does Lewis think they should go?

3.  Which way do they go?  What are the advantages and disadvantages of the route they chose?

5maptop.gif 1. What mountain range now faced the expedition?  In what state were they?

2.  Who helps the expedition at this point by providing horses?

3.  Did the expedition push on, or wait for spring before crossing the mountains?  What were the advantages and disadvantages of their decision?

6maptop.gif 1.  What river has the expedition reached, and in what state?

2.  What new methods were used to help the expedition continue down the river?

3. How was the river described?

7maptop.gif 1.  How does Clark feel when he sees the Pacific Ocean?

2.  Describe the journey home.

The Journey of
Lewis & Clark

Now that your journey is over, go back to President Thomas Jefferson's original instructions.  Did you fulfill all your duties as Lewis & Clark?  Make sure you address all of Jefferson's goals for the expedition.  Write 1-2 paragraphs proving that the expedition was either successful or not successful.

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