American Memory at the Library of Congress
Excellent and well-organized source for:  vocabulary, cooking, interviews, and immigration histories of Native Americans, Africans, Germans, Irish, Scandinavians, Italians,  Japanese  Mexicans,  Chinese Puerto Ricans/Cubans, Polish/RussiansIncludes Timeline and where groups settled 

Swedish Immigration 


Jewish Immigrants 


Plymouth Plantation, English Colonists 


Major Ports from which immigrants left Europe (in capitol letters) 

Articles on Irish, Italian, Swedish & Jewish Immigration 

General Immigration Information

Ellis Island Exhibit
Overview of the procedures at Ellis Island; statistics on numbers of immigrants

Ellis Island On-Line 
You can search your family name, find the name of the ship they came on and get general information about the immigrant experience.  Warning:  trying to find your family can be very frustrating! 

Immigration Webquest
Something for everyone!  English, German, Jewish, Italian, Irish, Japanese, Chinese & African immigration info.

Angel Island History

Tenement Museum
Visit the Tenement Museum & take a virtual tour of the kind of place many immigrants lived in New York City 

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