Do you have everything?

Your project!  Done! 
Check it off when you're finished.
  All research questions are answered in the project

  My family interview information is included in the project
  There are many images in the project which appropriately reflect my research - I've tried not to rely on clipart!
  My Research Guide is complete, and is ready to be handed in (I remember that it's being graded, too!)
  My bibliography is complete (including a bibliography for all my images).  I used to get the correct format.
  I completed my "Then & Now" paragraphs comparing/contrasting immigrants from the past and present.
  If I made a powerpoint, I printed out a copy to hand in.


One Festival Item
All decorative items should reflect the country you've been researching.  Choose one of the following to help make our room look fabulous!
  • Balloons
  • Maps
  • Flags
  • Music
  • Costumes
  • Other artifacts (for example, copies of real immigration papers or small objects)


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