NOTE:  You will probably NOT be able to get the answers to all these questions - AND THAT'S OK!  Don't worry - just get as much detailed information as you can from the person you interview.



Name of Person Interviewed: ________________________________________________

Relationship to You: ______________________________________________________

  1. What country did your family come from?

  2. Do you know what city or town it was?

  3. Why did your family decide to leave the "old country" and come to America? What was it like there for the family?

  4. When did they come to America?

  5. What was your family hoping to do in America?

  6. Did they have a specific plan, or maybe some relatives already here?

  7. Did they bring anything with them?  (maybe your family still has some souvenir from the "old country".)

  8. What was the trip to America like?

  9. How long did it take?

  10. What ship were you on?

  11. What were the conditions like?

  12. What happened at Ellis Island?

  13. Were there any problems getting through the medical tests?

  14. Did your family get a new name?

  15. Where did your family settle after they successfully passed through Ellis Island?

  16. What was it like for your family as they settled into their new home? Was it all they hoped it would be?

  17. Where did you live?

  18. Did you live near other people from their "old country"?

  19. Was it easy or hard to feel like an American?

  20. What do you think is the most important contribution your "old country" has made to American culture?


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