Or, How to avoid the agony and work productively together.

Group Roles Project Assignments Assignments Form



First of all, everyone needs a JOB. What would you be good at?

1. Manager

Reminds members of short and long-term deadlines; keeps track of calendar; helps re-evaluate deadlines.  Helps group members set daily goals; refocuses group members during class if necessary.

2. Coach

Makes sure that the group is communicating; helps group and individual members stay on task; positively encourages all members; resolves any group conflict or problem; lets teachers know when to intervene.

3. Director

Plans and runs the rehearsal of the 20 minute presentation: Who will say what? In what order? Is information repeated? Is it clear? Too long or too short?


4. Clerk

Keeps a written record of each member’s assignments; plans meetings inside and outside of school; reminds group members of meeting times; calls and/or emails members.





Secondly, you and your group must make some basic decisions about how you will get your work done, and let me know about your decisions.

q Discuss the assignment. Do you understand everything? Do you have questions?

q Assign group jobs and research topics. The Clerk should fill out the form and make a copy for me.

q Develop an Action Plan for the Group. Using the calendar provided, sketch out a work schedule for the entire group. Hint: work backward from the due date. When should all work be completed and ready for rehearsal? The Manager and Director should lead this discussion. NOTE: the schedule may need to be re-evaluated as we proceed.

q Set some individual goals. Using the calendar provided, set some short and long-term goals for yourself. Use the "backward planning" method. When should you be done with all your research? When should you have all your materials for the presentation? When should you be all done, and ready to rehearse? NOTE: your schedule may need to be re-evaluated as we proceed.

q Develop a plan to monitor your progress. How will you know if everyone is doing their job, and doing it well? The Coach and Troubleshooter should lead this discussion. Is your group willing to "throw someone off the island" if they’re not doing their job?



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