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 US History 7

The United States began as a few fortune hunters and refugees, trying to start a new life alongside the Native Americans. A short time later, America was declaring its independence and beginning a tricky experiment in freedom, democracy and equality. Less than a century after that, the United States was at war with itself, and almost ceased to exist. The first year of U.S. History is action-packed! The year is organized into four units. The questions indicate our key topics of study in each unit.

UNIT 1:  Three Worlds Meet (pre-1500-1763)

UNIT 2:  Creating a New Nation (1763-1791)

UNIT 3:  The Nation Grows (1789-1850)

UNIT 4: The Nation Divides (1820-1865)

But wait…there’s more! We’re also going to be developing SKILLS that will prepare you for the 8th Grade Social Studies Assessment, your future in high school and life in general.

In 7th grade, our ultimate goal is to be able to understand, organize and present information effectively. Honing the skills below will enable us to do that.






Technology & Research

  • Research techniques, both print and computer based
  • How to create documents and PowerPoint presentations


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